Our company and values

The world is teaming with an amazing diversity of animals. Some species are beautiful, others bizarre — but they all are important to the ecosystem and deserve our respect, compassion and protection. Unfortunately, many animal species are declining at a rapid rate as a result of irresponsible human activities. Habitat destruction, pollution, hunting, poor agricultural practices and changes in climate are among the threats faced by wildlife and domestic animals.

Well Bred Exotics, LLC is a small business who believes in promoting the advancement of compassionate living by educating the public about animal and environmental issues and what individuals can do to prevent cruelty to animals. Through our work, we strive to eliminate the prejudice of animals (speciesism) through educational efforts. Our business produces printed and printable educational materials available to individuals with an interest in earth and animal topics. Our Facility seek to educate and influence individuals on environmental and animal issues. The purchase of an Animal allows you to symbolically adopt your own, or your loved one’s, favourite animal species while promoting the protection of wildlife, companion animals, farm animals and the environment. Rather than adopting an individual animal, you are symbolically adopting the species. Each kit contains a collection of information on how you or your loved one can make daily choices to help animals and the environment.

Our website provides an information portal regarding these issues. Information posted on the site is free of charge and available to anyone with an interest. Our printed and printable materials are available to individuals with an interest in earth and animal issues. We produce hundreds of fact sheets, flyers, and digital materials regarding environmental and animal issues. Most materials are available at no cost to anyone with an interest.


Well Bred Exotics, LLC is not a charitable or nonprofit organization.  

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